V/a : Music For Death, from circles to square (OS.061)

Édité à l’occasion du lancement du premier numéro de la revue Optical Sound à la Galerie du Jour le 26 septembre 2013.

face to the programmed end of audio materials, we want, by challenge
and opportunism, to mark the release of opticalsound numéro un issue
with a 300-copies 12” vinyl compilation.
the one you hold in your hands.
the selected bands and the present tracklist are an echo to your funeral soundtrack,
a questionnary within the magazine, and extend this false romantic vision taken
from our preferred sentence :
“we were already dead in the 80’s”.

here is a peculiar sound story, exclusively compiled with unpublished material, inviting
the different musical personalities and sensitivities of our label. most of these artists
have previously been released on optical sound, the other ones join us for this occasion.
all of them support our commitment and define a soundscape that we stand up for.
they feature in one way or another in one of the three releases of the opticalsound magazine.
a red transparent lp, two stories, two sides to follow.

“we got loaded psychic guns to the belt,
now we’ll take in hands”.

optical sound the label
opticalsound the magazine
july 23rd, 2013



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