Clair Obscur, We Gave Our Music To The Gods And The Gods Remixed It


CD OS.052 | 2011 | Sixteen artists give their visions of  Clair Obscur’s
We Gave A Party For The Gods And The Gods All Came

In Memory of Jean Couturier

The idea was – rather than to propose friend musicians to do the standard exercise of the cover or the remix – to propose this exercise to artists who are not classified as musicians or who develop their practice at crossroads. Why ? Because Clair Obscur have always developed their own music with a real curiosity for other arts. And because the friend musicians who make us the honor to take part in this project – apart from having the good taste to appreciate Clair Obscur 😉 – all have strong interests for the sonic and musical phenomenon. In brief, by inviting artists who are not labelled as musicians to give their visions of our latest album, We Gave A Party For The Gods And The Gods All Came, we are just placing things in the inverse direction.

1, 8, 13, 16 Music & lyrics, Thierry Damerval, Christophe & Nicolas Demarthe
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 Music & lyrics, Christophe Demarthe
6 Music & lyrics, Poison Girls
15 Music & lyrics, Joy Division
Original material recorded by Bruno Dupont at Studio du Bras d’Or, Boulogne-sur-Mer
Mastering, Norscq
Design, Pascal Béjean & Nicolas Ledoux (PBNL)
Many thanks to the artists involved in this project and to all the people who helped us.



1 The Last Encounter / L’Orchestre Improbable
(Pauline Franceschi & Thierry Weyd)

2 This Song Is For You GPO / Sandy Amerio & Maria Baptist

3 I Hope You’re Fine / Xavier Bussy

4 Mon Ami Mon Frère / Superamas & Walking Dead Cats

5 It’ll Be Allright / Pierre Beloüin

6 Cry No More / Art Konik

7 This Song Is For You GPO / Christian Vialard

8 The Last Encounter / Mirka Lugosi

9 I Hope You’re Fine / Mathieu Farnarier
(drums by Cyril Hernandez)

10 It’ll Be Allright / Gilles Berquet

11 Es War / Will Ges

12 Mon Ami Mon Frère / Thierry De Lavau

13 The Last Encounter / P. Nicolas Ledoux

14 I Hope You’re Fine / Alice Karloff

15 Decades / Winston Tong

16 The Last Encounter / Jérôme Poret


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