SFC 750, Rodéo (OS-ATR.000)


Édition avec Alice Travel Records (OS-ATR.000) limitée à 222 exemplaires, pochettes sérigraphiées

Lyrics: Serge Comte
Music : Carole Fournier, Frédéric Fournier
voice: Carole Fournier
guitar: Frédéric Fournier
Keyboard: Serge Comte


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On a sunday afternoon, dead bottles, hangover and emptiness with two friends of mine.
Too bored we made this little song rapidly for our tired brains, just to keep us
awake, alive.
We accidentaly recorded it and played it in loops for the rest of the day, like a last possible hallucination, and it worked out. Now this song is like our favorite flash-back, a special moment for the three of us.
No, we don’t have plans, we are not a country-rock band and we don’t have another song.
Thats why it’s the same song both sides of the vinyl like the impossible loop.here we are!

Hey! quel rodéo
Quand toi tu te faches pour de beau
Hey! quel rodéo
Quand moi je me trouve sur ton dos
Il mouille dehors, et alors?
Pour une fois arrêtons et sortons
Mouillons nous Roméo
Et tienne notre amour en lasso