Simon Fisher Turner, Picture From Darkness


LP OS.067 | 2018 | cream vinyl limited to 500 ex

Original Film Soundtrrack.
side 1 = 20’57” / side 2 = 16’22”

All music recorded and placed manually to picture in London town on the
21st and 22nd  September 2016 by Sft.

The recording engineer was James Aparicio

The sounds were mixed by Sft and James Aparicio.

All electronic music is composed and played by Sft,
Lucy Railton on the cello, and this was recorded by Lucy herself in Berlin on August 21st 2016.
Heather Leigh plays laptop steel guitar, and this was recorded by Sft at
her soundcheck in North London at the Café Oto on the  9th January 2016.

The underground air conditioning unit was recorded at Birthdays London  3rd November 2014 during an interval for a concert by Klara Lewis.
The rain storm and umbrella were recorded in Sapporo July 2014, and the wooden finger percussion was recorded at The National Theatre of Tokyo 22nd May 2016.

Recording and placing the music was like driving a space ship,
using sticky tape and rubber bands.

Published by Mute Song

Living in sound and music.

This vinyl offers you a download code of the full album+ live version Imax

Image and film by Makino Takashi
post production support by Hayato Nagasaki
photography assistant by Rei Hayama
thanks for Takashi Asai, Uplink staff and Derek Jarman
2016, 37min color 1.85:1  DCP 5.1ch

Mastering norscq
Graphic Design ABM Studio

This release is dedicated to the memory of Pascal Béjean. Picture from Darkness


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