That Summer, Back From Ancient Gardens (Industry & Idleness) (OS.062)

This album was recorded in the Summer of 1993 (or was it 1992?) in Belleville,
in the North-eastern part of Paris, in the back of a house on the rue du Faubourg du Temple.
Today I’d be hardpressed to find it again.
Taped on a eight-track analog recorder (except ‘Winter Gardens’, recorded elsewhere later).
The album was mixed at a different studio on the avenue Jean Jaurès.
That Summer’s firstborn was then released worldwide in 1994 by Adiaphora, a microlabel run by Bertrand Dermoncourt, Christophe Taupin & myself.
The tapes are physically lost, as are the few photos documenting these sessions.
– Twenty years later, a bunch of musicians (some of them back from those ancient gardens) shall tell the story.
Ladies & gentlemen, listen carefully.

D. S.
Paris, September 21st 2014.

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